Kouns Engineering, LLC.All rights reserved. 1993.

We have developed and manufactured items from concept to prototype and eventually to
production.  We have built many special machines, stamping dies, mold dies, welded
assemblies, fixtures and test stands.  We provide milling, turning, water jet machining,
welding, ultra-sonic cleaning, wire basket repair and component assembly for a wide variety
of industries.

Throughout our history, we have continued to diversify our capabilities.  We currently
pursuing patents on 5 new products and have been major contributors to nearly 50 other
products.  We are a system design-build manufacturer, capable of all required facets
including mechanical, electrical, and controls.  We concept, design and develop products
using our 30 plus years of experience and problem solving capabilites.

We pride ourselves on commitment to meticulous quality and delivery.  The business since its
inception has been a family effort and we have used our individual talents to build a truly
synergistic company.